DeJuan (DJ) Cintron

Washington University in St. Louis, Class of 2027

Major: Global Health

Minor: Sociology

DJ Cintron is a sophomore at Washington University in St. Louis pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Global Health on the pre-medical track. His passion lies in addressing socioeconomic inequities within the healthcare system, with a particular focus on ameliorating medical mistrust among low-income African-American communities.

As a SUMR scholar, DJ works on two projects at the Palliative and Advanced Illness Research (PAIR) Center. In his first project, DJ works with Joanna Hart to conduct a mixed-methods analysis exploring the reasons for requesting security personnel in healthcare settings and assessing the impact of their presence on patients. In his second project, DJ works with Catherine Auriemma to examine how a 2017 lung allocation policy change impacted hospital-free days among lung transplant recipients.

DJ Cintron is a John B. Ervin Scholar at Washington University in St. Louis, an honors program based on academic excellence, community service, leadership, and diversity. He is also involved with GlobeMed, a service organization that aims to fund a Ugandan health organization that provides sexual education and health resources to low-income communities in Uganda. Outside his academic commitments, DJ loves to listen to music and take long walks.