Kidanewold Demesie

Kidanewold Demesie

LaSalle University, Class of 2024

Major: Computer Science and Economics

Kidanewold Demesie is a senior pursuing two degrees: B.S. in Computer Science and B.A. in Economics at La Salle University. At La Salle, Demesie is a subject tutor for computer science, economics, and math courses. He also serves as the chair of professional development for Ethio-Philly Young Adult Association, a community club that aims to help Ethiopian and Eritrean immigrants in Pennsylvania.

Demesie plans to pursue a Ph.D. in Economics and hopes to address and solve a range of healthcare issues in interdisciplinary research. He is particularly interested in healthcare services and accessories within marginalized communities. He hopes to use his health service research in in order to reduce the lack of health care access and help better his home country, Ethiopia. When he is not coding, studying economics, or doing research, he enjoys biking, hiking, and watching the English premier league and NFL.

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