Mahir Rahman

Brown University, Class of 2026

Major: Economics

Minor: International and Public Affairs

Mahir Rahman is a rising junior at Brown University studying Economics and International/Public Affairs. As a student in the eight-year Program for Liberal Medical Education (PLME), he plans to attend the Warren Alpert School of Medicine at Brown after graduating. Mahir is interested in connecting and understanding the role of health policy and economics in clinical and large-scale care. He is especially interested in areas of immigrant health, aging, and the policy and economic implications of clinical intervention.

As part of SUMR, Mahir is working with Dr. Blanca Himes, PhD, in the Department of Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Informatics, where he is using statistical software such as R to assess whether risk factor-disease relationships can be observed adequately with geographic area information, specifically analyzing asthma triggers among Penn Medicine patients. He is additionally conducting further tests in areas of econometric and policy analysis to further develop his own interests and contribute to the literature.

Outside of SUMR, Mahir is involved in political and religious communities at Brown and back home in New Orleans, Louisiana. He researches immigrant aging populations at the Brown School of Public Health and glioblastoma progression and prognosis as part of neurology and oncology research at Rhode Island Hospital. He spends his free time reading books, learning about politics and reading the news, watching horror movies and TV dramas, playing Mario games on his Wii, and spending time with family and friends.