Marko Tanevski

Rice University, Class of 2026

Major: Computer Science

Minor: Data Science, Mathematics

Marko Tanevski is a junior at Rice University pursuing a BS in Computer Science with minors in Data Science and Mathematics. Marko is interested in rigorously applying the formal sciences and system design in order to improve global health. As an international student, he is particularly keen in collaborating across national boundaries.

During SUMR, Marko works with Dr. Hamsa Bastani and Tsai-Hsuan (Angel) Chung on a collaborative project with the Ministry of Health in Somaliland to develop AI tools for hospitals to improve care for patients with noncommunicable diseases (NCDs). His specific task is to design systems based on reinforcement learning methods in order to optimize personalized patient tracking and outreach. These systems will then be evaluated via a field experiment. Through this project, he hopes to get more exposure to reinforcement learning algorithms, health systems of developing countries, and software engineering. Equally as important, he also hopes to contribute to a better cumulative health.

At Rice, Marko works with the Treangen Lab to develop an AI chatbot for bioinformatics and is also the co-president of the Competitive Programming Club. When away from the keyboard, he enjoys tennis, hiking, Breaking Bad, and good sitcoms (i.e. all sitcoms according to him).