Meta Covington

Meta Covington

Brown University, Class of 2025

Major: Medical Anthropology

Meta Covington is a junior pursuing a concentration in Medical Anthropology at Brown University. She is interested in using ethnography and archival work to examine the health and treatment implications of viewing the body as a social situation. She hopes to pursue a career in health services research, specifically using the lenses of disability, race, and gender.

As a SUMR scholar, Covington was involved in two projects. She worked with Jaya Aysola, exploring the institutional barriers to healthcare faced by people with disabilities through in-depth interviewing. She also worked with C. Alix Timko, PhD, entering, cleaning, and analyzing medical record data to ultimately understand how eating disorders present in adolescents.

Covington is currently a research assistant in Brown University’s Department of Sociology, aiding in a systematic literature review on child separation and alternative children’s care. She is a member of the Disability Justice Student Initiative. In her free time, she takes long walks in the shade and internalizes the wisdom of female folk singers.

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