Naseebullah Andar

University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2025

Major: Biochemistry & Mathematics Economics

Minor: International Relations & Creative Writing

Naseebullah Andar is a rising senior at the University of Pennsylvania, pursuing a dual major in Mathematical Economics and Biochemistry, with minors in International Relations and Creative Writing. At Penn, he has led genetic engineering research projects, enhancing CRISPR technology with promising findings soon to be published. He also conducts economics research on the impact of new technologies on global economic development.

Outside of academics, he serves as the elected vice chair of the International Students Advisory Board, representing 5,000 + students. He is passionate about leveraging scientific innovation to address global challenges. Currently, Naseebullah is working on the SUMR research projects with PAIR, under the mentorship of Dr. Meeta Kerlin. Naseebullah is contributing to the advancement of medical practices that can save lives globally. By studying and optimizing the use of prone positioning, which has been shown to significantly improve survival rates in ARDS patients, his work aims to validate and enhance existing techniques, ensuring they are accessible and effective in diverse healthcare settings, ultimately reducing health disparities and improving patient outcomes worldwide.

Naseebullah thrives on a diverse set of interests. He is an avid sprinter in the 100-meter dash, has a deep appreciation for 19th-century continental literature, and has a keen interest in learning new languages.