Natalia Pagan

New York University, Class of 2027

Major: Economics

Minor: Spanish

Natalia Pagán is a sophomore pursuing a BA in Economics at New York University. She is interested in the intersection between economics and public health and how to mitigate health disparities within marginalized communities.

During SUMR, Natalia works on two projects: With Dr. Jaya Aysola and Ana Bonilla Martinez, she evaluates the current practices, opportunities, and challenges related to health-related social needs (HRSN) screening in healthcare settings. She also helps to identify key challenges and opportunities created by universal inpatient screening of social needs at Penn Medicine.

With Dr. Adriana G. Perez, Natalia works on the “Tiempo Juntos por Nuestra Salud” (Time Together for Our Health) project, which addresses physical inactivity in older Latinos with mild cognitive impairment (MCI). This study, guided by a socio-ecological framework, assesses the impact of a community-based physical activity intervention on physical activity levels, cognitive function, cardiovascular health, and sleep.

In her free time, she enjoys going for runs and bike rides and spending time with friends and family.