Thays Garcia

University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2026

Major: Economics

Minor: Math, Psychology

Thays Garcia is a junior at the University of Pennsylvania, pursuing a BA in Economics with Minors in Psychology and Mathematics. She is interested in how social determinants may influence the decisions made in healthcare, from the patient, industry and lawmaker perspective. She hopes to work towards raising awareness on health education and encouraging transparency in healthcare systems for marginalized groups around the world.

During SUMR, Garcia is working under the mentorship of Harald Schmidt. In this study, she identifies how disadvantage indices have been used, could be used and should be used in different healthcare fields and settings in the future.

At the University of Pennsylvania, Garcia is a member of the Center for AIDS Research Community Advisory Board, which demonstrates her devotion to advocacy. She is a member of UPenn’s Latin Premier Dance Troupe Onda Latina. Garcia is also a Jack Kent Cooke College Scholar. In her free time, she likes to write poems and stories, build dream outfits through Pinterest, and go to the gym.