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Interventions, education and incentives that promote healthy behaviors and improve health outcomes.

Will Smokers Pay 50% More for Premiums on The Exchanges?

Nov. 6, 2013

A question arose on Twitter yesterday about the ACA’s provisions for surcharging tobacco users (h/t @onceuponA and @Prof_Richardson). That led me to a deeper dive into the regulations for implementing this part of the ACA. Here are a few questions, answers, and comments:

1.       What is the surcharge? 

Flu Season Does Not Shut Down

Oct. 2, 2013

With the launch of health insurance marketplaces and the shutdown of the federal government, there hasn't been much attention paid to something else that happens this time of year: the start of flu season. Under normal circumstances, the CDC would be launching a campaign to encourage flu vaccinations. But these are not normal circumstances as evidenced in the latest CDC Flu tweet:


Hospitals' Smoker Non-Hiring Debate

Aug. 6, 2013

The recent debate about the ethics of a health system's decision to refuse to hire new workers who smoke was understandably couched in the framework of ethics. But hiring a worker -- buying labor -- is an economic transaction that occurs in a market, and so it may be useful to discuss the economic framework as well.

On the Way to Health

Issue Brief
Aug. 29, 2012

This Issue Brief describes the development and use of a new web-based IT platform, Way to Health, to deliver and evaluate behavioral interventions to improve health.