Shreya Kangovi, MD, MS

Shreya Kangovi, MD, MSHP

Assistant Professor, Medicine, Perelman School of Medicine

Dr. Shreya Kangovi is an internist, pediatrician and health policy researcher who studies patient perspectives on socioeconomic determinants of health and health care utilization, and the efficacy of community health workers in modifying these determinants.

Dr. Kangovi has published numerous studies in peer-reviewed publications, such as Health Affairs, exploring the perspective of patients of low socioeconomic status on health. These studies have elucidated possible mechanisms for patient preference of hospital (rather than primary) care, the effect of unrealistic goal-setting on health outcomes and the unmet need for empathic health care personnel such as community health workers (CHWs).

Dr. Kangovi led the community-engaged research working group that developed IMPaCT (Individualized Management towards Patient-Centered Targets). IMPaCT is a novel intervention in which CHWs provide structured support designed to help patients set and achieve patient driven health goals. She has conducted randomized, controlled trials demonstrating that IMPaCT improves a variety of outcomes including access to primary care, patient activation, mental health, quality of communication and recurrent hospital readmission. Based on Dr. Kangovi’s work, the University of Pennsylvania Health System has created the Penn Center for Community Health Workers, a community-academic hospital partnership designed to support CHW implementation and research.