Senior Fellow

Kira Ryskina, MD, MSHP

  • Assistant Professor, Department of General Internal Medicine, Perelman School of Medicine

Kira L. Ryskina, MD, MSHP is an Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Division of General Internal Medicine at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. Her research aims to elucidate non-clinical factors that systematically influence physician practice of high- vs. low-value care. Her work explored the relationship between clinicians’ training and their knowledge and practice of high value care, including generic prescribing and evidence-based screening for cancer. Dr. Ryskina is the recipient of a Career Development Award from the NIA to study physician specialization in nursing home care as a potential mechanism to improve the outcomes of patients receiving post-acute care in nursing homes. She was among the first to describe the emergence of nursing home specialists (“SNFists”) and evaluate its effects on care quality. Dr. Ryskina’s research was published in JAMA, Annals of Internal Medicine, and JAMA Internal Medicine. She completed clinical training in internal medicine and primary care at New York Presbyterian‚ Weill Cornell. She treats hospitalized patients at the the University of Pennsylvania Presbyterian Medical Center in Philadelphia.

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