LDI Briefs

Voting by Older Adults with Cognitive Impairments

Issue Brief
Feb. 25, 2008

About 4.5 million Americans currently live with dementia. Whether these citizens should vote raises a host of ethical, legal, and practical issues. At what point does someone lose the capacity to vote, and who decides? What kinds of assistance should these voters get, and who should provide it? And how can the voting rights of residents in long-term care facilities be protected?

Predicting and Monitoring Antiretroviral Adherence

Nov. 26, 2007

Ideally, clinicians caring for HIV-infected patients would have some way of predicting which patients are most likely to need help in adhering to a prescribed regimen and an early warning system alerting them to their patients’ non-adherence. This Issue Brief summarizes recent studies whose findings may help clinicians predict and monitor their patients’ adherence before treatment failure occurs.

How Health Affects Small Business in South Africa

Mar. 30, 2007

This Issue Brief summarizes a three-year study that tracks small businesses in Durban, South Africa, and investigates the connection between the owner’s health and business growth, survival, or closure. The results bolster the economic case for investing resources in the prevention and treatment of disease in developing countries.