Health Insurance

Financial and structural characteristics of the public and private programs that cover medical costs. LDI analyzes how to expand and improve coverage through insurance exchanges, employer-sponsored insurance, and public programs.

Health Insurance Rates and Rate Review

Data Brief
Jun. 27, 2014

Health insurers participating in the new Marketplaces are filing rates for 2015 during the next few months. A few states have already released data on proposed rates. There is substantial economic, policy, and political interest in the magnitude of proposed rate changes. This brief provides background for understanding the economic drivers of proposed rates, state and federal rate review authority, the effects of rate changes on Marketplace enrollees and federal spending on premium credits, and the economic and political dynamics of the rate review and approval process.

An Alternative to the ACA’s Employer Mandate

Jun. 23, 2014

Cross-posted with the Field Clinic blog

The Obama administration has given employers a reprieve from the mandate that they offer their workers insurance at low employee premiums or pay a penalty. As things now stand, enforcement is postponed until 2016. But should the mandate ever come back?

Three Questions About 2015 Premiums

Jun. 23, 2014

As each state announces the proposed 2015 rates for each insurer on the marketplaces, it prompts a flurry of commentary about the implications for the ACA.  What do these filings mean? Here are three quick things to remember as the proposed rates are announced.

The Effects of the ACA’s Under-26 Mandate: What Do We Know?

Jun. 18, 2014

Since September 2010, the ACA has allowed young adults to remain dependents on their parents’ private health plans until age 26. We are just beginning to understand the full impact of the under-26 mandate on the health and health care of young adults. Three new studies fill in some of the gaps.

Here’s what we know thus far, from studies that make good use of slightly older populations as a control group and a difference-in-difference method to adjust for contemporaneous trends in the pre- and post-ACA periods:

Final Enrollment Rates Show Federally Run Marketplaces Make Up Lost Ground at End of Enrollment

Data Brief
May. 29, 2014

This new data brief updates our interim March 2014 findings with enrollment rates at the close of the Affordable Care Act's first open enrollment period. It focuses on enrollment rates by state and type of marketplace, and assesses changes in enrollment rates in the final six weeks. 

State-Based Marketplaces Spent Heavily to Help Enroll Consumers

Data Brief
Apr. 29, 2014

The Affordable Care Act required that consumers have access to in-person or on-call assistance to understand their choices and "navigate" the complexities of the new health insurance marketplaces. One consequence of each state's decision about whether to run its own marketplace is an extreme variation in the time-limited funding available for consumer assistance programs. 

Exchanging Ideas at Health Insurance Marketplace Conference

Apr. 22, 2014

The second annual Penn-LDI Health Insurance Marketplace Conference, held April 10-11 at the University of Pennsylvania, brought together academic researchers and marketplace officials to discuss how to align research and implementation efforts. See agenda here. One of many high points of the conference was a session of research presentations focused on “choice architecture” and other aspects of the choices people are facing in the new marketplaces.