Medical Decision Making

How health professionals and patients make treatment decisions, and the barriers to, and facilitators of, effective decision making.

Ensemble of trees approaches to risk adjustment for evaluating a hospital’s performance

Apr. 29, 2014

Yang Liu, Mikhail Traskin, Scott Lorch, Edward George, Dylan Small

In Health Care Management Science, Dylan Small, Scott Lorch and colleagues discuss different mechanisms of risk adjustment used in hospital performance evaluations. Accurate risk adjustment is critical to the reliable assessment and comparison of hospitals. Hospitals are commonly assessed using evaluations that measure their actual outcomes as compared to their risk-adjusted expected outcomes, which take into account factors like patient mix in order to compare hospitals on a level playing field. The authors propose ensemble of trees approaches as superior alternatives to the logistic...

The Exnovation Conundrum

Apr. 29, 2014

How do we get people and organizations to change, especially when what they are currently doing adds little value, is very costly, is perhaps outmoded, and may, at worst, be dangerous? This is the question Benjamin Roman and David Asch raise in their new Annals of Internal Medicine piece on "Faded Promises".

Effects of Conflict-of-Interest Policies in Psychiatry Residency on Antidepressant Prescribing

Issue Brief
Jan. 15, 2013

This Issue Brief examines how COI policies affect the prescribing patterns of antidepressants, one of the most heavily promoted drug classes in the past decade. As such, it provides the first empirical evidence of the effects of COI policies in residency on the subsequent prescribing patterns of practicing physicians.