Payment & Delivery

How insurers and providers are organized and paid to deliver care. Research by LDI Senior Fellows examines the shift from fee-for-service payments to newer models of paying for and delivering value, such as Accountable Care Organizations and Patient-Centered Medical Homes.

Evaluating Health Information Technology’s Clinical Effects

Issue Brief
Feb. 11, 2011

This Issue Brief reports on the experience of one hospital system that used its CPOE to reduce the incidence of a serious drug interaction. This rigorous test of a specific CPOE intervention shows that an electronic alert system can be effective in changing prescribing, but may also have unintended consequences for patient safety.

Treating Viral Respiratory Tract Infections with Antibiotics in Hospitals: No Longer a Case of Mistaken Identity

Dec. 20, 2010

This Issue Brief investigates antibiotic use in hospitalized adults with a confirmed viral infection, a group of patients that may not benefit from such therapy. Understanding the factors that lead to inappropriate antibiotic use may help change clinical practice and limit antibiotic resistance.