Extramural funders are increasingly requiring researchers to include translation and dissemination activities in project proposals. No longer satisfied with the boilerplate language describing meeting presentations and journal publications, funders are looking for evidence that their dollars will have a direct impact on policy and practice.

To help accomplish this, LDI offers translation and dissemination services that you can include in grant proposals. This helps you demonstrate your commitment and ability to disseminate your research and makes your proposal more competitive and attractive to a broad array of funders during the grant review process.

Customized Translation and Dissemination

If you are an LDI Senior Fellow with an upcoming grant proposal that you think is well aligned with LDI’s expertise, and are interested in learning more, please complete this brief inquiry form at least one month prior to the grant deadline. We will provide you with more information about available services and pricing and supply boilerplate language, letters of support, and other items needed for your extramural application.

For more information about LDI’s Extramural Funding Support to discuss options for your specific proposal, please email Traci Chupik.

Traci Chupik

Traci Chupik, MSEd

Director of Operations

LDI Extramural Funding Support


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