Senior Fellow

Marilyn Schapira, MD, MPH

  • Professor, General Internal Medicine, Perelman School of Medicine

Marilyn M. Schapira, MD, MPH is a Professor of Medicine in the Division of General Internal Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and at the Center for Health Equity Research Program (CHERP) at the Philadelphia VA Medical Center. Her research has focused on the area of risk communication and medical decision making, adoption of evidence-based medicine, and the communication of scientific evidence. Her research is trans-disciplinary, drawing upon theoretical foundations in clinical medicine, cognitive and social psychology, economics, education, and biostatistics. She has content and methods expertise in the areas of health literacy, health numeracy, patient-provider communication, and value and preference assessment. Her methods expertise includes qualitative studies, survey design, consensus formation, and the development and evaluation of decision support interventions. Her research focuses on the clinical area of cancer control.

Dr. Schapira is currently funded by the Department of Veterans Affairs HSR&D Program to develop and evaluate a lung cancer screening decision support intervention for Veterans and a study of predictors and outcomes of long term opioid use among Veterans who are cancer survivors. She is an Associate Editor of the journals Medical Decision Making and Medical Decision Making Policy & Practice. Dr. Schapira is a faculty member in the Master of Science in Health Policy program and an Associate Director for the National Clinician Scholar Program. She is enthusiastic about collaboration with LDI Fellows who are conducting work in the assessment of value, preferences, and medical decision-making.

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